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About Us

BankCardAnalytics.com is a finance/technology (FinTech) firm specializing in Data Modeling & Analytics coupled with Merchant Services. Bankcard has a deep capability and long history of helping clients with their Information Management needs.

We have delivered Reporting and Analytical Data Modeling to help business owners manage their business based on insights gained from data rather than back of the envelop or gut feel.

Micro Cloud Partner

We are now a Microsoft Cloud Partner. We resell all of Microsoft’s Cloud Technologies….Office 365 and Azure.
You are probably wondering how Microsoft Cloud aligns with our Data Modeling & Analytics for the SMB. It was a pleasant surprise for us as well. We constantly ran into roadblocks with our customers for proper access, right versions, high costs, and more importantly high IT support.
Microsoft Cloud Technologies took all of those items off our plate. Server, connectivity, set-up, etc. are no longer an issue for us or our customers. We can add or take-away as needed.
Since excel online is our primary interface into our data models, having the latest and greatest technologies with O365 solved the issue that arise from users having different version office to access our models.
Office 365 are all of the Microsoft Office tools that you normally work with and as a side benefit also come with Skype for business (instant message, conferencing, collaboration, file sharing, etc), OneNote, and several corporate social tools (Yammer & Others).
If you want to migrate to Office 365, there are great tools that do the migration hassle free. Full migration, test and cut-over…no down time. Very cool.
Azure comes with many services that you can run your company on. The main services worth mentioning are Virtual Machines, SQL Databases, Active Directory, Web-sites, Hadoop, etc. We are now even looking to put our pbx for our phone system in Azure. Its great, because they do all of our back-ups, disaster recovery, etc.
We now run our office from Azure and O365 and it has been a blessing in disguise. Since it has worked out so well for us, we are spreading the word with our customers. As of the beginning of the year we have become a Microsoft reseller of their cloud solutions. They have given us preferred pricing and top notch support and we pass that to our customers. Its great to be working with our Microsoft friends again. 

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